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www.psychicALEXANDER: First of all, I love hearing what people have become from the songs because I have my ideas from the beginning but I want them to intend something various to all and sundry. ALEXANDER: I think part of the reason I never played in a band before was because I didn’t know that many of us when I was more youthful who also made music. ALEXANDER: It didn’t start out with one, but I do love writing love songs as a result of I love love. ALEXANDER: It shows itself in alternative ways and the way we go about things is often changing, but I’m still the primary songwriter. ALEXANDER: The moon is a daily symbol but it’s essential to me; I’m a cancer, I’m a moon sign, and it’s colossal to my family. ALEXANDER: Yeah, I think we certainly don’t want to shy clear of pop sounds or form other suggestions, but I think we’ll always maintain a certain lyrical style that displays a a part of how I grew up.